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Horizon Organic fuels kids’ lunch & snacking

Shop Horizon Organic refrigerated milk, shelf-stable milk, cheese, sour cream and butter.

5 lunch box packing tips

  • Keep it balanced

    1. Keep it balanced

    Make sure to add a fruit, vegetable, protein and carbohydrate so lunches are balanced.

  • Eyes eat first

    2. Eyes eat first

    Kids eat with their eyes so be sure to use bright color to excite their appetites.

  • Size is key

    3. Size is key

    Try smaller, bite-sized pieces for easier eating and to create less overwhelming items like sushi.

  • Try these sandwiches

    4. Try these sandwiches

    Make pancake sandwiches filled with nut butter, seed butter or cream cheese. Use cookie cutters to make shaped sandwiches or place a variety of foods on a stick to amp up the fun factor.

  • Keep lunch ideas fresh

    5. Keep lunch ideas fresh

    Vary your lunches. Send a sandwich one day and Horizon Organic Mozzarella Cheese Sticks with crackers another day, followed by a hot lunch like rice & beans.

Why organic?

5 reasons you should go organic.
  • 1. Organic contains none of these

    Most people know that organic milk is made without using GMOs, growth hormones, antibiotics or toxic, persistent pesticides.

  • 2. USDA Organic is rare

    This high government standard of food production is only met by 6% of milk sold in the U.S.

  • 3. Organic cows get fresh food

    The USDA requires that cows eat a diet of organic grass, grains and feed. Cows also must have access to shade, exercise, fresh air and direct sunlight.

  • 4. No pesticides to impact hungry humans

    Organic farm standards prohibit pesticides that have been proven harmful to human health.

  • 5. Organic is good for the environment

    Organic practices are designed to conserve wildlife while maintaining or improving soil and water quality.

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