Gallery Wall Ideas

Gallery Wall Ideas (21)

How to rock a gallery wall

Bye-bye, blank walls. Hello, personalized style.
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Mixed materials

Take framed art to the next level by mixing & matching it with different 3D objects, textures & shapes.

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Organized grid

This perfectly clean, sleek & sophisticated style brings a sense of order to a stylish space.

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Picture ledge

Want a gallery wall that you can freshen up whenever you want? This super-versatile option is for you.

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A bit of a free spirit? Create an eclectic mixed-material gallery wall with our bohemian collection.

Project 62

Project 62

Sleek shelves are the perfect foundation for a picture-ledge wall. Fill in this focal point with more modern wall decor.



Gallery walls don’t have to be ultra-formal. Bring a casual, yet classic vibe to your space with these timeless pieces.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Celebrate the everyday by displaying farmhouse treasures for the whole family.

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