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Rugs Buying Guide

Rugs Buying Guide

Rug buying & sizing guide

Wondering how to choose the right rug?

Think about where your furniture is. Use the tips & visuals in this guide to figure out the right-size rug for your space & to create the perfect look.
large living room rugs

Large space with “floating” furniture

All your furniture should fit on the rug without feeling crowded.

Recommended sizes:

9x12' or 11x14'

medium living room rugs

Furniture against a wall

The front legs should be on the rug. All the furniture should be on the same rug.

Recommended sizes:

6x9' or 8x10'

accent living room rugs

Small space

A smaller rug under the center piece of furniture defines the space.

Recommended sizes:

4x6' or 5x7'

furniture living room rugs

Single piece of furniture

At least 6" of rug should be showing on all sides.

bedroom rugs

Small space

Each rug should start at the nightstands & end at the foot of the bed. Make sure each rug is at least 1' wide.

bedroom rugs

Rug under bed

You can start the rug in front of your nightstands & extend past the foot of the bed or start the rug at the wall. You’ll want to have 1–3' of rug showing on each side, depending on the look you like.

Pile height or thickness

high pile height or thickness

High: 1" or higher

Best for low-traffic areas like bedrooms or family rooms. Typically woven or tufted shag construction.

medium pile height or thickness

Medium: less than 1"

Best for medium-to-high-traffic areas & will work for most rooms. Typically woven, tufted cut or loop construction.

low pile height or thickness

Low: less than 0.5"

Best for high-traffic areas like dining rooms & hallways. Typically woven, tufted cut or loop construction trimmed short.

less than .025"

Flat: less than .025"

Best for transitional or outdoor areas, like patios or playrooms. Typically flatweave, natural fiber or indoor-outdoor construction.

Fiber options

Different fibers have different characteristics. Consider them carefully when choosing a rug for a specific space.


-Natural fiber


-Machine washable



-Softest natural plant fiber

-May fade or darken in direct sunlight

-Will disintegrate if consistently exposed to moisture


-Stain resistant

-Repels water

-Less expensive


-Durable & soft

-Naturally repels water

-Prone to shedding & fading

-Easy to clean


-Extremely soft

-Easy to clean

-Repels water & most stains

Choose responsible sourcing

We’re proud to carry some handmade rugs that are certified by GoodWeave International, an organization working to eliminate child labor in the rug market.

goodweave registered

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