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Slow Cookers & Roasters

Slow Cookers & Roasters (35)
slow cookers

Slow cookers

Electric countertop slow cookers and Crock-Pots simmer ingredients at a low temperature over several hours. Slow cookers are versatile & cost-effective. There’s no temperature guesswork—just place ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning & come home to a hot and easy meal.

pressure cookers

Pressure cookers

Pressure cooking works by boiling water or broth with food inside a locked pot. High-temperature steam quickly cooks the food 2 to 6 times faster than regular cooking. Stand-alone electric cookers include Instant Pot, which has a stainless-steel pot, slow-cook function and delay timer.



A multicooker is an electric countertop appliance that uses a timer to simmer, boil, steam, bake, grill, fry, roast, stew & brown foods quickly or slowly. Some have adjustable thermostats, delayed cook times and food-guide buttons, and can also act as food warmers.

sous vide

Sous vide

The sous vide cooking method involves heating food, sealed in a plastic pouch, in a water bath on the stovetop or countertop for long periods of time at a consistent, low temperature. This method cooks food evenly and helps retain moisture, inside and out.

Slow Cookers & Roasters

Nothing is quite as yummy as the warm taste of comfort foods. Whether you’re preparing the same recipes mom used to make, looking for easy solutions for healthy meals for the fam or entertaining for a big sports game or upcoming holiday, Target has all the kitchen appliances you need.

Crockpot meals are the perfect solution for a busy family. Skip the dinnertime drive-through by adding healthy ingredients to your crock pot in the morning. Then, dinner is done by the time everyone returns home. There are great cookbooks designed for delish crockpot meal ideas. Easy-peasy meals that are healthy, too.

Sick of gooey or burnt rice? Want expert-quality rice like mom used to make? Then, a rice cooker is for you. Throw in uncooked rice & water, hit a button & it’s perfection in no time, without any effort. Plus, rice cookers keep cooked rice warm & delicious for hours, so if your kids are running late, no problem. They can enjoy a tasty meal later. Did you know that some rice cookers can make more than just rice? Yep, you can make plenty of easy one-pot meals in them.

Host the best event ever by letting a roaster, slow cooker or crock pot do the heavy lifting. Toss in your ingredients & spend the next few hours enjoying your guests. Roaster ovens cook slowly, keeping turkey or other meats moist & delicious. After slow cookers are done cooking, they keep game-days faves like meatballs, dips & chicken wings warm & at-the-ready. Crock pots come in a variety of sizes & some are designed to travel. So the next time you need to bring a dish, get the party started with your famous warm recipe.

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